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Best Features of Email Templates for Conversions

Email templates have been around for a long time, but it is mind-blowing how many people do not take advantage of them. It is understandable if you have years of experience with crafting emails and you are an expert copywriter.

But if you do not, then not using a sales email template may be a larger problem than you think. A sales email template has distinct features that make them effective, and below are just a few. They are in no particular order, and there are quite a few more that are not listed.

Attention Grabber

With today’s digital world, we have very low attention spans. If you do not grab someone’s attention right away, then you have lost them forever. Catching them off guard with a strong question or a statistic is a great way to draw them in for the sale.

There are other methods that are few and far between, but I have never heard of having a weak opening. A good email template is going to force you to grab the reader’s attention right away and end up closing the sale.

But you have to use the other features mentioned to really make the attention grabber effective.

Strong Subject

Grabbing their attention right away is great, but you have to get them to read the sales email first.

The decision to open or not has to certainly do with the subject line.

A subject line needs to make the reader feel an emotion to go ahead and click on the email.

Some strategies that templates have is to include the name of the recipient of the email.

Another example would be an eye-popping statement that you can’t turn away from.

Strong Closing and Ask for the Sale

Besides the strong subject and attention-grabbing opening, you need to have a strong closing if you want to be successful at all. It would be a shame to have a strong email and then all of the wheels fall off at the end.

It seems so simple, but so many people miss the boat with the closing. If you do not pitch or ask for the sale in any way, then how are you ever going to sell? They would not even know that there is an offer, and that makes it impossible for you to get sales.

A clear ask of the sale or a clear call to action is a must in your email, and it blows my mind how many people miss the boat on that part of the email. Any successful sales email template is going to have you covered in that regard, so it is just another reason to try one out.

Remember, that a sales email template is great, but you do need to know how to write. One key tip for sales emails is to write about benefits, and not as much about features.

Hopefully, you learned something and know the importance of email templates for sales!

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