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RE2 Robotics expands campus with acquisition of new building

RE2 Robotics, a developer of mobile robots, has expanded its Lawrenceville campus with the acquisition of a new facility. The new space will help the company to meet the growing demand for its robotic systems in both the defense and commercial markets.

Located at 4920 Harrison Ave, and directly across the street from its current office, the new facility will allow RE2 to increase its in-house manufacturing capabilities. The space, which measures approximately 10,000 square feet, features a large tank for testing RE2’s underwater manipulation systems, as well as both indoor and outdoor testing areas that will allow engineers to conduct on-site testing of the company’s robotic systems.

Once renovations are complete, the company’s machine shop, electrical, and assembly labs, as well as the entire production team, will relocate to the new building.

“As we continue our transition into commercial markets, the demands for our technology are rapidly increasing. This new facility will enable our team to increase the in-house production of our robotic arms, as well as expand our ability to research and test new robotic systems,” said Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO.

The new space will be divided into two floors; a ground floor space for manufacturing and machine shop applications, and an upper floor used for meetings and project planning.

“The ground floor space is ideal for precision shop equipment and provides plenty of space for our entire production team as we grow,” said Douglas Peters, vice president of operations. “To support this testing and the projects developing our next-generation robotic technologies, the second floor of the building will be set up as team rooms and conference rooms.”

The expansion project is expected to be finalized by early 2021.

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