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S&P and Snowflake collaborate to deliver financial and alternative data

Data on the S&P Global Marketplace is now accessible via Snowflake’s cloud data platform, eliminating the need for on-premises databases, allowing for direct integration of S&P Global data into models, visualization tools and more.

S&P Global Market Intelligence, today announced that it has collaborated with Snowflake, the cloud data platform, to seamlessly deliver S&P Global’s industry-leading financial, textual, ESG and alternative data through Snowflake.

Clients now have immediate access to S&P Global’s data via Snowflake ― eliminating the data ingestion process and significantly improving their productivity and efficiency.

“Clients are looking to work with vendors that can simplify the ingestion and linking of data, allowing users to focus on deriving insight,” said David Coluccio, Managing Director, Data Management Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“We are excited to work with an innovative company such as Snowflake to allow our clients to quickly access, utilize and maximize the value of their data, which is vital given the speed at which today’s global markets operate.”

“We are committed to providing high quality data to our clients and are excited to collaborate with S&P Global Market Intelligence to deliver valuable financial and alternative data to customers via the Snowflake Data Marketplace” said Matt Glickman, VP Data Marketplace, Customer Product Strategy at Snowflake.

“S&P Global Market Intelligence is an innovator in the financial markets and we’re thrilled to be working with them to expand this offering to the market.”

Cloud-based delivery enables customers to simplify their data management and work with multiple large datasets more efficiently.

The Snowflake Data Marketplace is built on top of Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing technology, and provides an easy-to-use platform for organizations to find, share and access content.

Through Snowflake, S&P Global and select-third party data is ready to query and easily accessible via multiple cloud platforms and enables direct integration with more than 80 third-party data vendors.

This collaboration is part of S&P Global’s ongoing initiative to invest in the flexible and open distribution of quality data to its clients.

Snowflake is the first cloud-hosted delivery option added to the S&P Global Marketplace, a discovery tool that allows for easy exploration, discovery and evaluation of differentiated data and solutions from S&P Global and select third-party providers.

Over 20 datasets are available today from S&P Global via Snowflake including Compustat and S&P Capital IQ Fundamentals, GICS, Trucost Environmental Data, S&P Global ESG Scores, Machine Readable Transcripts and Filings and more.

New S&P Global datasets will be made accessible through Snowflake regularly, including alternative datasets with selected third-party vendors such as IPqwery patent data, BuildFax permit data, FiscalNote legislation data and more.

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