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Robotiq teams up with industry leaders to build high-performance cobot application solutions

Robotiq is making the world of collaborative robots even more… collaborative – by joining forces with 3D vision pioneer Pickit and industrial linear motion specialist Festo.

“Collaboration is not just for robots,” said Annie Giguère, VP of product management and marketing at Robotiq. “Working together with other industry leaders, namely Pickit and Festo, will help us provide manufacturers with better application solutions for their production floor.”

Pickit and Robotiq technologies have previously been used together in bin-picking applications, leveraging Pickit’s renowned 3D vision and Robotiq’s quick-to-production grippers.

With the new strategic partnership, Robotiq and Pickit will develop even better application solutions for the manufacturing world.

“At Pickit, we share Robotiq’s positive impact and creative values,”said Bart Houben, VP of saleand marketing. “We’ve worked together in the past and we are excited to launch what we’re creating together.”

“Festo Canada and Robotiq worked closely together to make this partnership a success,” said Achim Kottmann, product manager at Festo. “We are looking forward to launching joint products that will widen access to cobot applications for even more manufacturers.”

Festo is bringing its world-class industrial automation product range to the table. Combined with Robotiq’s philosophy of ease of use and quick integration, manufacturers will benefit from a new range of all-in-one solutions to start production faster.

“We are proud to be working with Pickit and Festo, both industry leaders in their respective fields of 3D vision and industrial linear motion. Our shared commitment to getting factories automated quickly, easily and efficiently will be multiplied by combining our expertise,” said Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq.

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