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5 Tips for Robotic MIG Welding

Technology is continuously surprising us with discoveries. MIG welding, which used to be manual labor, is now achievable with the help of a robotic unit.

Artificial Intelligence is prevailing, but there are specific tweaks and tips that you can use to enhance the productivity of your robotic MIG welder.

When you purchase the device, you certainly pay attention to the factors necessary. You look at the arm details, its proficiency, power consumption, and other relevant factors.

However, there are some minor things that you can change to improve its performance. So let’s take a look at what these five tips for you MIG welder are:

The Power of Metal-Cored Wire

For any AI to work without lagging, the seamless transmission is paramount. That is what a metal-cored wire can achieve for you.

This will help you achieve impeccable quality with better travel speed for the transmissions. A metal-cored wire consists of deoxidizers with minimal spatter production. Thus, you have a robust arc stabiliser.

Additionally, you get a significant reduction in porosity due to the changing gun ankles. Any wire with inconsistencies in art start can compromise the productivity of the budget MIG welder.

You can neglect this critical error by utilizing a metal-cored wire. However, you should also consult an experienced expert before deciding on using the wire.

A Front Load Liner Would Help

Did you know that by swapping the liner replacement from back to the front, you can prevent extensive downtime? That’s right, by using a front-load liner, you will allow the MIG welder to change liner proactively without relying upon Preventative Maintenance.

It is relatively easy to install, and it will yield favorable results right off the bat. Traditionally, changing the liner requires an unavoidable downtime and several minutes of productivity go to waste. All of this can be saved by making this minor tweak.

Using State Of The Art Consumables

A MIG welder is consistently exposed to extreme temperatures. Consumables ensure that uninterruptible current can be maintained under extreme heats for seamless operations.

Excessive heat can result in consumable failure and extensive downtime. Thus, it is wiser to invest in premium-grade consumables with commendable durability.

Using better contact tips with higher temperature tolerance can also eliminate cross-threading. There are also interchangeable consumables that you can utilize. However, it all comes down to the welding your MIG welder is conducting.

Utilizing Other Automated Tools For Your MIG Welder

You can carry out the cleaning and maintenance of your MIG welder with a simple addition of other tools and devices. There are fumes extractors, shielding gas managers, nozzle cleaner, and reamer available in the market. All of these help in maintaining a clean unit for better performance.

You can also help the hardware and its component last longer with these integrations. All of this can further enhance your productivity. Now that we are talking about tools let;s not forget about the filler package.

Filler Metal And Torch

While integrating other automated systems, people forget to pay attention to the metal filler and torch. If you are not delivering qualitative performance, will your MIG welder generate enough business?

The answer is no. Therefore, you should not cut the cost for the filler metal or torch. It is essential to use the ideal length of filler metal.

A single unit of a metal filler should finish in a day or two and require a replacement. Consistent exposure to moisture and other elements will degrade its quality. You have to maintain a good-quality torching system for your rig welder.

Bottom Line

Maintenance and regular cleanup are the best you can do for your MIG welder with adequate supplies, tools, and agents. Improving your robotic MIG welder’s application is not just about performance and productivity.

You have to consider the factors like the returns on your investment. Don’t forget the upgrades or improvements on any rig welder. You need to consider if it has potential for improvement or if you can calibrate it for better productivity.

Giving proper rest to the robotic unit is pivotal to maintain the longevity of the product. Don’t forget your unit. If it doesn’t have the option to improve, spend on the automated tools. If that’s not yielding favorable results, then it’s time for you to get a new robotic MIG welding.


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