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What is marketing automation and how is it being used?

Businesses and brands today are upping their marketing game, given the ever-growing GenZ population that devours creativity.

Quirky and relatable content remains the need of the hour to engage the readers and get the message across! Establishing a brand presence is vital, but marketing practices need a particular strategy to reach the right audience and generate leads.

In other words, these practices, such as brand building, add immense value and are required in the first place for methods like retargeting, email marketing, etc.

Why automation, you ask? Some activities involve repetitive tasks to keep up with the demands of customers. These include sending emails to potential leads, multi-channel marketing campaigns, optimizing the customer experience, optimizing the marketing team’s time, and so on.

In addition to these, marketing automation systems also help create a tailored and customized experience for their customers through a thorough analysis of their consumer behaviour and choices.

The sales-ready leads are known to increase by about 50 percent, when businesses focus on ‘nurturing’ their leads, says a Forrester Wave report. Moreover, this practice is known to cut down costs by 33 percent.

Marketing automation mainly involves monitoring the factors mentioned above and can thereby be used for the following:

Business Growth

By targeting the potential leads, automation helps with personalization that converts them into customers and thereby helps improve the ROI. Targeted campaigns with lead nurturing strategies can help customers from their ‘initial awareness’ stage reach the ‘ready to buy’ stage.

Such campaigns will prove useful while taking into account your leads’ evolving needs and the behaviours and interactions with you across all of your marketing channels.

Using such behavioural inputs from multiple channels such as social media, for example, viewing a pricing page, or reading a specific type of content from the website gives marketers the context needed to understand consumer needs and behaviour. Thus, a thorough analysis of the same ensures wise and efficient marketing spend.

Improved Customer Relationships

Working with warm qualified leads has a much higher conversion rate than just working with cold-emailing lists. But how can this indeed be achieved?

Here’s exactly where the marketing automation software comes into play! They take this to the next level by thoroughly analyzing the customer’s type and mode of engagement with the brand.

For example: Did a customer visit a landing page to subscribe to the newsletter? Or are they a frequent reader of your blogs?

All these monitored activities will help in building conversations; that is, personalization! Picking these customers for targeting will be a smart move so as to generate potential leads consistently.

In a digital era where content channels are diversifying, and consumer preferences are tenuous, ‘acquiring new customers’ is the holy grail of “sustainable growth” – Forbes. Thus, with good marketing automation, one can ensure a smooth and effective Customer Relationship Management.

Hassle-Free Workflow Automation

Marketing automation facilitates a smooth workflow of activities. Thus, most marketers rely on this to effectively complete internal processes like budgeting, the marketing calendar, digital asset management, and all other events that large businesses need; to run sizable, involved marketing departments.

Most businesses derive immense impact from marketing automation since it ensures that the employees tap their potential to solve the real innovative problems that need their utmost attention. Automation makes the processes organized and provides consistent effort towards improved ROI or, at the least, brings you a step closer to generating potential leads.

In addition to the evident financial impact, marketers consider ‘saving time’ as the most significant benefit of automation.

These benefits will only exponentially rise in the coming years since 67 percent of marketing leaders currently use a marketing automation platform and an additional 21 percent plan to implement one in the next two years.

To summarize, listed below are some of the most powerful marketing automation benefits and implementing these will be a game-changer:

  • Increased qualified leads, at a lower cost per lead
  • Improved customer retention rate and relationships
  • Effective marketing strategies’ curation
  • Demonstrated strength in marketing ROI

So what are you waiting for? Go strategize your next marketing plan and come up with innovative solutions! Focus on activities that need your expertise and supervision! Leave the rest to the automation tools!

After all, landing the right customers for you is key!


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