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Scientists will use newly discovered ‘cyborg material’ to invade our brains, merge with our thoughts and turn us all into mindless zombie robots, says report

Scientists will use newly discovered “cyborg material” to invade our brains, merge with our thoughts and turn us all into mindless zombie robots, according to a report on The Daily Star website.

The sinister “bio-synthetic material” that could end humanity as we know it was presented recently at the American Chemical Society Fall 2020 virtual expo.

Experts claim it will pave the way to integrating electronics with the body to create “cyborg” beings, reports The Star, which adds that the new breakthrough material will enable human brains to merge with artificial intelligence.

The news website quotes Dr David Martin, from the University of Delaware, who led the study, as saying: “We were trying to interface rigid organic microelectrodes with the brain, but brains are made out of organic, salty, live materials. It wasn’t working well, so we thought there must be a better way.

“We started looking at organic electronic materials like conjugated polymers that were being used in non-biological devices.

“We found a chemically stable example that was sold commercially as an antistatic coating for electronic displays.”

The Daily Express, which recently broke the news that a 45 mile-long alien base had been spotted on the Moon in NASA pics, quotes Professor David J. Gunkel, an expert in robot ethics at Northern Illinois University in Chicago, who says that, in future, humans will become “part organic, part mechanic cyborgs”.

Gunkel appears to call on everyone to work together to achieve this diabolical end. He says smartphones are virtually attached to our bodies even now, and suggests it would be just a short, simple operation to stick them inside our bodies and become “hybrid beings”.

Professor Gunkel says: “At one time putting a pacemaker in your body would be considered weird by a lot of people, and now it’s just standard practice.

“As more of this technology becomes acceptable and accessible, that line will move in the direction of permitting greater augmentation within our bodies and less of us will be concerned about it.”

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