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Fanuc launches new ‘extremely compact’ robot

Fanuc has launched a new “extremely compact” robot which it claims has the “best precision in its class”.

The new M-10iD/16S robot is the most compact model of the M-10iD series, says Fanuc, adding that it combines the best features of its two predecessors, M-10iA/10MS and M-10iA/12S.

The M-10iD/16S features high axes speed and best precision in its class. Made specifically for compact work spaces, this highly versatile robot can also be used for top mount applications.

Moreover, the enhanced hollow wrist design supports payloads up to 16 kg, which is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors and the best reference in its class.

The M-10iD/16S has a fully integrated hose pack and cable management design – the cables are led through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist and body.

Fanuc says this allows easy and reliable routing of sensor or camera cables, air pipes and any other user utilities, eliminating external cables interfering against peripheral equipment.

This in turn leads to minimised integration efforts, as well as an optimised cable life span, resulting in decreased ownership cost.

The slim profile and footprint combined with high payload capacity make the M-10iD/16S an ideal choice for use in compact robotic cells, especially when complex tooling or handling of heavy workpieces is required.

For very compact arc welding applications, the equivalent ARC Mate 100iD/16S robot model is available.

Like all Fanuc robots, the M-10iD/16S supports various intelligent functions, including the built-in proprietary Fanuc iRVision system.

Furthermore, a broad range of software options, as well as dedicated safety functions, for instance Fanuc Dual Check Safety options can also be added to this robot.

The RoboGuide offline simulation PC tool helps boost the cell design and improves engineering processes.

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