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The Advantages of Including Facial Recognition in a Mobile App

Imagine the benefits to your business of including facial recognition in a mobile app. Let’s start with this idea:

Dale Carnegie said, “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

Envision your staff being able to recognize your most important customers’ faces immediately, then greet them by name as soon as they walked into your establishment.

Certainly, you would win those customers’ loyalty. Moreover, they would also be your brand’s ambassadors for life.

With facial recognition in a mobile app, this reality could be yours.

In this article, we aim to set your mind ablaze with notions about the advantages this technology will make possible for you and your business.

The Future Has Arrived

What if we were to tell you that this is not just a pipe dream? What if you knew that the technology to bring this scenario to life could be yours, just for the asking?

It’s true.

Facial recognition for mobile devices is here. It’s available now. Moreover, you can custom order a facial recognition app for your devices that exactly meets your specifications today.

For online businesses, the advantages are every bit as real as they are for brick-and-mortar establishments.

In fact, the future is right at your fingertips, regardless of the size and nature of your business.

What’s Possible with Facial Recognition?

The advantages of including facial recognition in a mobile app are many and varied.
For example, with facial recognition on a mobile app, you can track the movement of a suspicious individual through your store, picking them out of a crowd as they duck behind displays and wander through the aisles.

Or let’s say you are planning a large and important event. Moreover, you want to make sure only invited guests are among the attendees. With facial recognition on an app for your phone or other mobile device, your event will be completely secure.

Facial recognition on a mobile app can also protect your company’s valuable intellectual property or other sensitive material. It does this by allowing access to designated areas of your company’s premises or online structure only to authorized individuals.

What Makes Facial Recognition in a Mobile Device Possible?

Machine learning is the technology that makes possible the inclusion of facial recognition in mobile devices. This is a subset of artificial intelligence, and in simple terms, here is how it works.

When data scientists begin designing an application for mobile devices that will include facial recognition, they give the app a set of mathematical algorithms called “training data.” This sample data starts the app on a learning path of making decisions and predictions on its own.

In other words, the scientists don’t specifically program the app to make a particular decision—in this case to recognize a certain set of facial features. Instead, the app learns over time, based on the initial data the scientists gave it at its inception, to recognize certain facial characteristics instantly.

The application develops its own set of algorithms during the course of its self-education. In simplistic terms, it teaches itself to accomplish the tasks – in this instance, facial recognition – that its scientist parents designed it for.

Custom Order a Mobile App That Includes Facial Recognition

You can have the advantages of including facial recognition in a mobile app for your business now. It’s yours for the asking.

Award-winning InData Labs provides mobile apps for businesses like yours all over the world. Their data scientists have extensive backgrounds in sophisticated technologies such as including facial recognition in mobile devices.

Look here to find out more about their face recognition applications. Describe to the data scientists at InData Labs what you have in mind, and they will design for you a mobile app that meets your specifications.

Once installed on your mobile devices, your facial recognition app will set about learning for itself precisely how to fulfill its mission to the benefit of your business.


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