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Robotics and Automation News Review: New collaborative robots, an ‘easy’ vision system, an award-winning delivery robot, and more…

Friday 7 August 2020: This is a new, weekly column – to be published every Friday – which rounds up all the most interesting news from the robotics and automation industry in the past seven days, in brief form. 

This Robotics and Automation News Review is also available to view on our YouTube channel, and is embedded below, at the end of this article.

Doosan Robotics has introduced six new collaborative robots (main picture), diversifying its product offerings. The new lineup includes four models from the A-Series and two from the H-Series.

SICK is continuing the roll-out of its customisable SensorApps for “easy” machine vision, with the launch of its Colour Inspection and Sorting App (picture below), which the company says is a cost-saving and simple solution for common inline quality control tasks in automated production and packaging applications.

A company called Edwards Vacuum has won an award from SEMI and Semiconductor Digest for its autonomous mobile robot, the ESV-X (see video below), which loads equipment without human intervention and autonomously delivers it to work locations within a semiconductor factory to minimize scheduled and unplanned downtime and the need for other transportation equipment while increasing customer safety.

Renesas has launched the RV1S9353A, a delta-sigma modulator chip used in robotic arm controllers, AC servo controllers, and NC servo controllers employed in a range of smart factory equipment.

GreyOrange says its Ranger GTP robot (pictured below) has become the first Automated Mobile Platforms robot of its kind to be UL Certified to UL 3100, Second Edition for use in commercial and industrial environments, UL being a US-based safety certification company.

Epson Robots has launched what it says are “new and improved” LS3-B SCARA and LS20-B SCARA robots. Notable, new and improved features include batteryless encoder, a lower cable duct profile that is ideal for hard to reach work cell layouts, built-in camera cable for easy vision system setup, and new top-of-arm layout for enhanced usability.

Plexus Health Science has launched the UVC-650, or “Sunslinger” (pictured below), a lightweight robot that emits high-powered UV light to envelop a space that kills microorganisms in “just a few minutes and virtually disinfects the space”. The system can be installed in hospitals, restaurants, offices and in other facilities.

Geek+ says its C200M Bin-to-Person robotic warehouse system can save 50 percent on goods storage. The machine has a 1.5m telescopic fork, modular door frame and multiple bin access. (See video below.)

Productive Robotics has released its Productive Analytics platform, which provides real-time status monitoring for all OB7 cobots, enabling access to the operating status of all cobots and their production history so customers can optimize their production, identify production errors, minimize downtime, and remotely monitor their robot activity.

Siemens has launched its Desigo building automation controllers – the PXC4 and PXC5. The company says the controllers can transform buildings into high-performing, energy efficient assets. Both controllers concentrate on specific automation elements – the Desigo PXC4 for HVAC plants and Desigo PXC5 for system functions and integration.

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