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Siasun installs robotic system for inspection and categorization of rails

Siasun has installed a robotic system for the inspection and categorization of rail and beam material manufactured at an Anshan Iron and Steel facility.

The trial robotic system integrates eight industrial robotic arms which are equipped with sensing technology, mechanical control, artificial intelligence, and bionics.

Siasun says the robots have high accuracy, reliability and consistency, and “can fully cope with the harsh and dangerous in the steel production process”.

The Siasun Ansteel project, which has just entered the final trial operation stage, includes an intelligent recognition system for mirror inspection materials, an intelligent recognition system for finished product warehousing, and “11 unique patented technologies” of Siasun for comprehensive technical support.

It is equipped with new products independently developed by Siasun. The 20 kg industrial robot of the first-generation controller has an “excellent technical level”, says the company.

The visual recognition system can realize automatic labeling and oiling, automatic detection and recognition, cleaning and polishing of the rail ends, without manual intervention; remote monitoring and compatibility with different sections.

The automatic labeling task of rails of different length types realizes the whole process can be identified, tracked and traced, and the degree of automation is high.

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