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igus unveils virtual trade show booth

igus, a supplier of components, has unveiled a “virtual trade show booth” to provide some assistance to industry people who are “still bummed out about trade shows being cancelled”. 

The virtual stand is interactive, as you might expect, and features a range of components for many industries, including robotics, material handling, agriculture and many more.

igus says the aim of the stand was to showcase its “new, innovative plastic products for low-cost automation”.

The actual, physical stand in the image of the booth was set up at igus’ headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

A number of video presentations have been included in igus’ virtual booth exhibition, including one by Matthias Meyer, the company’s head of industry management automotive and robotics.

In the video, Meyer highlighted a number of new technologies for robots. He says: “We designed the new cable extensions for 7-axes robots from ABB, Kuka and Fanuc.

“We offer these cables in seven different cable qualities, and we offer 36 months’ guarantee.”

Another technology unveiled by Meyer was the “ready-to-install 7th axis for robots”.

The 7th axis he refers to is a track on which robots, such as those made by Universal Robots, can slide along, back and forth, gaining a controlled amount of mobility.

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