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What to Do When Your iPhone is Causing More Problems Than it Should

Since its inception, the iPhone has become an all-rounded gadget, age-appropriate, and an important tool for home use and office work. It helps to make a lot of tasks easy and manageable.

With an iPhone, you’ll have fewer security breaches as it has an extra added layer of security, it’s consistent, and can be integrated across various platforms.

However, having a faulty or problematic iPhone can be a pain in the neck and can cause inconveniences, especially if it is your office planning tool or an everyday gadget you use.

Despite efforts to keep your phone healthy and in topnotch conditions, inevitably though, old age, a bug, system crash, slow performance, and a host of other problems might plague your phone.

In the event this happens, don’t fret! Most of these issues have solutions at an arm’s length. When these issues persist, you can try any of these solutions we have for you. Here’s what to do when your iPhone is causing more problems than it should.

Run Self-Diagnostics Tests

Amazingly, iPhones are equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities. This way, you can run certain tests that will give you a hint of what is ailing them.

Such phone diagnostics tools can help detect a host of issues before taking it for any repairs or alternatively, used as regular checkup tools.

Such tools can help detect issues with the camera, battery, screen sensitivity, and cellular connections among a plethora of other issues.

However, Kevin Craighead, a tech geek of says that such diagnostic measures will not be of any help when you have a non-responsive iPhone.

Now, it could also be that you bought a secondhand iPhone and it keeps asking for a password. This is when you need the experts, and not just anyone, someone with vast knowledge and experience in dealing with iPhones.

For such, there are a host of online applications that can also help to give a detailed report and better still, based on your location, such apps can recommend a repair shop. You can find these apps on the App Store.

Below are common iPhone troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart the phone
  • Recharge the phone
  • Reset the settings
  • Restore the phone
  • Try the iPhone recovery mode
  • Update the iOS
  • Check battery health
  • Contact the Manufacturer

Just like a car or a computer, an iPhone has a lot of components that are beyond most of our understanding and skills. So, before you decide to conduct a DIY diagnosis, it’s advisable to run your phone’s problems by the experts.

Avoid the temptations to consult with the quacks in the streets but instead, take your iPhone to the nearest iPhone center. There are also iPhone repair websites where you’ll have the opportunity to consult with representatives from Apple to help you with various diagnostic issues.

Alternatively, you also have the option of contacting the manufacturer directly who’ll advise you on the next steps to take.

Consult with Your Dealer

Most licensed iPhone dealers – assuming you bought yours from a licensed dealer – have professional technicians whose skills include diagnosis and fixing a ton of iPhone problems. When such issues persist and the self-diagnostic tests fail to detect where your gadget is ailing from, do not hesitate to take it to a qualified professional.

Yes, you will most probably part with a good amount of cash, but you will go home with a fixed and working iPhone that will be as good as new.


Yes, you heard that right! As dreaded as it might sound, getting a new iPhone might be the solution to your problems. It might be expensive, yes, but some of the issues plaguing your phone, like slow performance, overheating, memory issues, water damage, a cracked screen, the phone’s inability to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots or quick power drainage.

These are issues that can be closely associated with your phone’s age or complete shutdown. These issues cannot be solved for long term phone use, but instead, you can visit the nearest Apple store or a local licensed dealer and get yourself a brand new iPhone. It’s about time you upgraded!

Despite the iPhone being one of the best gadgets of the 21st century, it is not problem-proof. When these issues arise, have no fear. There are ready solutions out there.

Depending on your skills, understanding, and curiosity, the above solutions can assist in fixing the most persistent issues with your iPhone.

Most importantly, have all your information, accounts, and data backed up in the cloud, you never know when you might need them.

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