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How Direct Mail Retargeting Can Work for Your Business

When it comes to putting together a marketing campaign in the 21st century, it’s no surprise that companies tend to invest in digital.

After all, with over half of the world’s population using the Internet, it would be foolish not to work on reaching out to at least some of them.

We’ve talked about this in our article “Amazing Digital Ways to Market Your Company This Year”, which touches on the benefits of websites and starting a blog.

However, when it comes to effective marketing, digital isn’t the only way you can go. Traditional marketing still has tons to offer, and when combined with online techniques can help you create a stronger campaign.

Take using direct mail retargeting, for example. According to marketing company Triadex Services, direct mail retargeting can yield up to eight times the response rates of digital remarketing when used correctly. Those are impressive numbers for anyone, but are especially so now in a saturated market.

Interested? Here’s a brief look at what else direct mail retargeting can offer your business.


First on the list would be cost-effectiveness. At first glance, direct mail might actually seem like it costs more than digital marketing methods.

After all, you’re going to have to pay for the design, testing, production, and postage of your marketing materials. But companies may be surprised to find that direct mail can actually yield some of the highest ROI among marketing techniques.

Statistics collected by SmallBizGenius found that direct mail’s ROI is at 29%, matching the ROI of social media and even beating the ROI of other digital marketing techniques.

Customers who receive direct mail materials are more likely to respond, which means that you get an immediate boost in engagement. Compared with email marketing, which can often go unread, direct mail is hardly ignored. And when your purpose is customer retention, that’s definitely a plus.

Avoiding Competition

While digital marketing can offer companies tons of advantages, the plain truth is that the landscape of online marketing is cluttered and full of competition.

Nearly every company now is using blogs, websites, digital ads, email marketing, and social media to make their mark. While that certainly isn’t surprising, it can be pretty hard to stand out from the crowd when you’re on a budget.

Direct mail retargeting is the solution to that. With everything online, receiving a piece of physical mail is enough of an experience to get customers to really remember you.

A study by neuromarketing firm TrueImpact found that direct mail required 21 percent less cognitive effort to process, which implies that direct mail is easier for consumers to understand and more memorable.

Handling your physical materials means your customers can pay better attention, and have a higher chance of remembering you and responding.

Stronger Links to Customers

In marketing, personalization is key, but it’s easier said than done. People are so used to being marketed to now that they hardly respond even when email newsletters refer to them by their first names. The strength of personalization can’t be understated, it’s true, but it does need to be used effectively.

According to the Data & Marketing Association, 50.9 percent of recipients say that direct mail pieces like postcards are useful. They stand out, are easily memorable, and offer customers the freedom of getting back to companies on their own time.

Plus, since postcards don’t come in an envelope, they all get handled and read immediately. The campaign is brought literally to the customer’s door, and sometimes that extra step in reaching out makes all the difference.

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