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Okuma launches new robotics technologies

Industrial machine builder Okuma has launched a new range of robotics technologies to complement its current offerings.

The company says its new “ROID” series of products offer seamless integration with Okuma machine tools.

The new line of robotics products join Okuma’s extensive line of CNC metal cutting machines and technologies.

This new line – ROID, short for Robotic Intelligent Design – includes products designed for automating machining tasks within a manufacturing cell environment.

The Okuma ROID Series was developed in response to a market need for simple and reliable robotics products to enhance machining operations.

The series includes two brand new products: ARMROID and STANDROID.

Based on a finely-tuned union between machine tool and robotic engineering, ARMROID is designed as an articulated robotic arm built directly inside of the machine tool.

With this on-board technology, loading and unloading parts becomes a seamless and harmonious operation.

Additionally, STANDROID is a smartly-designed free-standing robotic arm designed to interface with Okuma machine tools to enhance production efficiencies. It is well-suited for operations that involve high-mix and low/medium production volumes.

Both the ARMROID and STANDROID have been specified and built to stringent Okuma century-long performance and quality standards.

Additionally, both products are intricately designed to interface with and take direction from Okuma’s proprietary OSP conversational control system.

This ability eliminates the need for separate automation programming capabilities.

The ROID Series products join Okuma’s growing line of ancillary products that complement Okuma machine tools to deliver “comprehensive production system environments”, says the company.

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