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5 Best Text to Speech Software

Have you ever found yourself sending text messages with your voice instead of your fingers?

Given the ease and functionality of dictation software embedded in smartphones, speaking a text is now as simple, if not simpler, than typing a text.

We’ve all been there: that smartphone screen is just too small for typing, which makes dictation an attractive option for sore eyes and overworked fingers.

Think about this for a moment: Since voice to text software has proven to be useful to consumers and businesses, wouldn’t text to speech software also represent potential advantages?

OK, I know what you’re likely thinking: Why in the world would someone want to use “text to speech” (TTS) software if the significant effort has been deployed to dictation creation?

What Are The Major Advantages of TTS Software?

So let’s get started with the fundamentals: Online text to speech software offers a significant array of benefits.

For consumers, TTS software can address varied needs, with the most important advantage including accessibility.

For businesses, TTS software can simultaneously reduce costs and improve margins.

Consumer Advantages

Online text to speech software can offer several advantages for consumers. However, the most important advantage is that text to speech software offers customers with the impaired vision the opportunity for text to be read out loud to them.

Business Advantages

For businesses, TTS software can provide numerous benefits, most importantly cost reduction and margin improvement. Professional voiceover artists are costly and inflexible relative to software programs.

For this reason, more enterprises are adopting top text to audio software services, ensuring accurate output and high quality.

Now that let’s get down to business: Providing a snapshot into the five best text to speech software programs available for commercial use today.

5 Best Text to Speech Software

1. NaturalTTS software is a great option for consumers and enterprises that are looking for the best text to mp3 software.

Featuring over 61 natural voices, this software is also offered in the most popular business languages, including English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Customers can choose between male or female voices as well, depending on their objectives.

NaturalTTS offers a free and paid subscription model for its services, boasting the lowest monthly subscription rates amongst its competitors. Furthermore, the website offers the chance to “try out” the software for free.

The other great feature is the SSML tags support and Files History. Files history allows user to always keep his converted files on hand, so they could be played or downloaded at any time.

2. TTSReader

NaturalTTS is another online text to speech software program that offers unique advantages. For instance, other platforms can restrict the total characters available for text to speech, whereas NaturalTTS asserts that its software can convert “whatever your browser can handle in terms of memory.”

Another strong advantage that this software program offers is its language functionality, as a drop-down menu enables users to select from a wide variety of languages, including several from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Furthermore, users can choose the speed at which the language was spoken.

TTSReader would be especially appealing to those seeking high functionality.

3. FromTextToSpeech

FromTextToSpeech is a straightforward platform that features smooth navigability. End-users can simply copy and paste their text into the textbook and await the voice transcription.

The platform offers linguistic functionality in the most prominent languages used in major enterprises, including English, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Furthermore, FromTextToSpeech humanizes its voiceovers by selecting the voice of either Alice, Daisy, George, Jenna, or John.

While individuals cannot input unlimited text, they can input up to 50,000 characters, as well as select the preferred speaking speed.

4. Text2Speech

Text2Speech is another excellent option for individuals seeking the best text to mp3 software program. Featuring a straightforward interface, consumers can easily input text into a box and download an mp3 for free.

The free mp3 download represents one of the most attractive benefits, particularly since Text2Speech states that the complimentary mp3 also applies to “commercial usage,” or business usage.

Given the free mp3 file, consumers are limited to 4,000 characters of text.

Additionally, this software program also offers different speeds, as well as 2 major business languages: English and Hindi.

5. Natural Readers

Natural Readers is an excellent option for free online text to speech software. In addition, it also offers unique benefits: instead of simply copying and pasting text into a text box on the website, it is possible to simply drag a file into the website, which can occur .docx, .pptx, .pdf, and other popular types.

Thus, consumers can “skip the step” of copying and pasting, saving incremental periods of time that collectively add up to significant time savings. However, consumers can still copy and paste the text directly online as well.

Offering free and paid models, this platform is a good choice for busy end-users and those seeking quality TTS software.

Things to Consider When Choosing TTS Software?

Now that we’ve covered some of the top TTS software available on the market today, it’s natural to wonder what the best methodology is for selecting the best text to speech software.

While many factors influence one’s choice, two of the most critical considerations include cost and functionality.


If cost is the most important variable, then it is recommended to search for free text to speech options online.

Several companies offer free and paid access to their software, which means that consumers can still use some of the tools that enterprises pay for on a more restricted basis.

While unlimited usage likely will not be permitted, this characteristic is likely not needed for most consumers.


If functionality, coupled with the overall quality, is more important than cost, it is recommended to search for the best text to speech software with natural voices.

This type of software is most likely to be adopted by organizational enterprises, who can afford high monthly subscription fees.

These enterprises may also seek unlimited usage of the online TTS software available in the best text to speech software programs presently available for commercial usage.

Concluding Text

In essence, the ongoing development of TTS software is just the tip of an explosive iceberg, as advancements in TTS correlate with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. With time, the best text to voice software may eventually surpass the quality of audible information produced by humans.


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