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Robotic camera offers social distancing solution, say its makers

The makers of the robotic camera Solo Cinebot say their camera can offer a solution to production companies in this new world of social distancing. (See video below.)

Virtually every government in the world has stipulated social distancing rules, where people have to all stay two metres apart – even at work.

The Solo Cinebot system was the brainchild of Josh Shadid and Aaron Grasso and was created as a “response to filming needs at this unpredictable time”.

The innovative robotic camera is described as a “zero-touch” system and gives “full control” for crews.

Networked controls offer “tactile, real-time joystick camera operation over pan, tilt, zoom, image settings, camera height, audio monitoring, and so on”.

The creators say that “no experience is required to use it – simply plug it in and you’re ready to roll”.

Additionally, it offers real-time communications with the production team and video monitoring via private virtual “Green Rooms” to help talent prepare and receive direction.

In an interview published on, Shadid highlighted the features of the Solo Cinebot robotic camera that would be useful in this time of coronavirus.

Shadid says: “Firstly, we can now send a remote-controlled, zero set up, Netflix approved, cinema-quality camera to anywhere you need it – operating them from wherever you are. This helps us rethink what’s possible in social distancing and beyond.

“We have also developed our third product, the Solo Connect. This device allows traditional sets to provide real-time monitoring and communications for clients, directors and collaborators.

“We are required to reduce our set size and the Connect creates a virtual video village so anyone who needs to be involved, can be – without having to huddle around a monitor in a van somewhere.”

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