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Geek+ streamlines e-commerce supply chain company Winit’s warehouse operations

Geek+, an autonomous mobile robot manufacturer, is providing smart logistics solutions for to Winit, an integrated supply chain solutions provider for cross-border e-commerce.

Winit serves e-commerce leaders like eBay, and Geek+ says its robots will enable enable more efficient and flexible operations at Winit’s fulfillment center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With an inventory subject to a wide variety of products, massive SKUs, and a rapid increase in online sales, Winit has been looking for solutions that can streamline their warehouse operations, mitigate against management issues due to high turnover of warehouse workers, and enable flexible yet affordable scaling of operations.

Rick DeFiesta, director of business development and partnership at Geek+, says: “We are pleased that Winit has chosen our Goods-to-Person solution for optimizing their warehouse operations and we are confident that our P-series robots will exceed expectation to increase picking efficiency, simplify processes, and reduce management issues.”

Winit Cincinnati Fulfillment Center will be expanding it’s already 6,200 square meters (66,736 square feet) of robotics warehouse space to 11,000 square meters (118,403 square feet).

In turn, the company sees great opportunities in the Geek+ Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) Model, which provides affordable and tailored solutions that help companies flexibly and quickly scale their operations to meet fluctuations in demand.

Xiaoliang Luo, vice president of operations at Winit, says: “We look forward to working with Geek+ and are very happy to be deploying their smart logistics solutions as they provide an affordable option that can enable a flexible expansion of our operations and mitigate against challenges associated with a shortage of warehouse workers.

“With an automated warehouse, we will ensure a smooth operation by reducing the Covid-19 impact for our fulfillment center.”

Geek+ Goods-to-Person Picking System, powered by Geek+ proprietary smart algorithms, uses P-series warehouse robots to eliminate redundant walking of the picking workers, improve picking accuracy, and reduce labor intensity.

The AI-driven system features robot task management, combined order optimization and picking, inventory management, dynamic wave optimization, and adjustments of inventory layouts for maximum efficiency.

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