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Kivnon launches ‘AGV/AMR Exchange Program’ for its warehouse robots

Kivnon has launched a “AGV/AMR Exchange Program” for its warehouse robots – its automated guided vehicles as well as its autonomous mobile robots.

Kivnon says its customers can swap their old AGV or AMR and “save up to 40 percent on a brand-new” Kivnon warehouse robot.

Kivnon specializes in the automation of industrial processes using self-guided vehicles, and its customers include the largest automakers in the world.

The company says it launched its AGV/AMR Exchange Program scheme “to help the industrial sector in the new post-coronavirus era”.

Another reason for the promotion is “to support companies in their transformation towards Industry 4.0”, says Kivnon.

Until December 31, 2020, Kivnon will offer up to 40 percent discount on the official sales price when purchasing a new AGV.

To take advantage of this discount, an old AGV of any brand will have to be delivered when purchasing a new Kivnon AGV.

With this initiative, the Kivnon group aims to facilitate the renewal and acquisition of self-guided vehicles.

At Kivnon we have a wide range of self-guided industrial vehicles for the transport of all kinds of goods and that are capable of moving loads of up to 6,000 kg using magnetic navigation or mapping technologies that allow them to adapt to any industrial environment and production process.

Kivnon AGVs have been designed following the user-friendly philosophy, that is, designed to create a pleasant, simple to install and intuitive work experience.

With extensive experience in the implementation and start-up of intelligent AGVs systems, the technical support service will advise and train its customers to give all necessary knowledge to use Kivnon AGVs/AMRs.

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