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9 Tips for Building an Irresistible Website for Students

The internet made it easier for the education system to gain a milestone in development. Many people throughout the world can take courses online since training materials have become more accessible.

The website will help your educational center to portray your institution in the best possible light, to attract new customers more efficiently, to inform users in time, and create many other possibilities.

So the faster your students create their websites, the better!

Today, the fastest and easiest way to make a site is to use a site builder: you only need to choose a template, change the design, and upload your content. As soon as it’s ready, you can show your site to the whole world!

The main thing is to choose a platform that will provide you with all the necessary tools to create a good site!

If you’ve made up your mind to use a website builder for creating your students’ website, but you have no idea what a good site of this type should look like (or you are still not motivated enough to create it), here are some tips that might help you.

First screen

The first section a visitor sees on your site should draw his attention and provide primary information that will interest him and make him stay on your site and find out more about you.

Make a win-win move by placing the following elements on your first screen:

  • company name and logo;
  • contact Information;
  • social icons;
  • fascinating photo/video related to your activity;
  • convincing tagline informing about the things you do (and, preferably, telling the visitor about your competitive advantages); and
  • CTA form with a button.

And that’s a start! Choosing a website builder, pay attention to the quality of the design & structure of the templates – it will save you the task of having to analyze the web design trends and laws to do everything right.

If you want to get more and do less, try Weblium website builder. All the professionally made templates are developed on the basis of an in-depth study of the world’s top niche sites, therefore they are thought out to the smallest detail and contain all the pages and elements necessary for a particular business website. Try Weblium: professional free website builder for students!

This approach makes Weblium of the best solutions for beginners since you do not have to think through the website structure yourself – you can just pick up one of the modern website templates!

Pick the right color palette

On the one hand, you need to focus on the style of your educational institution and its branding elements. On the other hand, it is important to choose the optimal colors that attract attention and inspire confidence.

A large amount of white space is the key to cool website design. A light background with interesting elements of different colors (as shown in the template below) creates a feeling of space, purity, great opportunities, and transparency of relationships.

Color scheme

It is a good idea to pick up the neutral colors and their shades – green, brown, and blue in the design of such a site.

By the way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the advanced design customization features (the exclusive option of the Weblium site builder, available for absolutely free).

You can add any blocks (even from the other templates), change their appearance, customize the design of any element of your future site.

Variety of media elements

Attractive photos on the site are a must! And if you have some professionally-made videos, feel free to add them to your website too, this will help to convey all the information to a potential client in the most convenient form.

Interactive elements improve your visitors’ interaction with the site and make them stay there longer.

An advanced site builder will offer you interesting solutions like an interactive calendar or chat. You can even create games that let students earn points, which they can use to buy something, for example, in your educational institution’s cafe.

Registration form

Offering students, their parents, friends, etc. the opportunity to register on your website to attend various events held at your educational institution is a good way to attract more visitors. These events may include free lectures, stage performances, dance courses, etc.

Simple and intuitive Weblium editor allows you to add to your site any forms and other elements that you think are necessary for the success of your site.

You can use ready-made elements or fully customize them since each element has its own settings, but also there are common actions that can be applied to all of them. You can also create custom blocks and elements from scratch.

This will help not only to make the design of your site more unique, but also to expand its functionality even more!

Awards and certificates

These documents prove that your institution offers high-level services – it’s a perfect way to build trust. So, do not hesitate to add them to your site!

Also, you can create a separate section where you can add top students’ awards and certificates, which will help them get some additional privileges. This will encourage other students to do their best!

Comments and reviews option

Allow your registered users to take part in the everyday life of the institution: this will inspire them to visit the website more often and keep them engaged!

They can leave feedback about the institution itself, individual teachers/trainers, interact with each other, put forward suggestions, etc. This will help create a community and improve your image!

The blog

A blog is just an indispensable part of the life of a successful site. It allows you to keep your visitors informed, get close to users, improve SEO, drive traffic to your website and convert it into leads, become an authority, boost your social media efforts, etc.

Contact information

Besides adding the contact information of your educational institution and social buttons to your site, you can add teachers and staff contacts. This will help teachers, students and their parents to communicate easier and build better relationships.

The more parents are involved in the learning process, the better!


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