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Scallog launches ‘Flexytote’ for its warehouse robots

Scallog has launched what it calls “Flexytote” – a shelf unit – for its warehouse robots.

The French designer and manufacturer of robotic solutions is expanding its range with a new solution dedicated to multi-bin transfer in warehouse.

Scallog specializes in goods-to-picker robots, and says the Flexytote allows the automation of transfer, loading and unloading of bins and boxes during multi-order preparations.

The robots move bins or boxes on two or three levels to the picking stations, place them on the preparation apiaries, then collect them once the orders are completed by the operators to route them to the packing area.

This replaces the handling activities carried out in conveyors or trolleys by a robotic alternative.

Designed to be flexible, Flexytote can be easily integrated into any type of warehouse, says Scallog.

The robot moves along an optical marking on the ground that is easy to install and is able to move up to 250 kg in carrying capacity.

The solution offers a return on investment time of less than 18 months, according to Scallog.

A first deployment is already under way with a client of the start-up.

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