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Fanuc offers free trial of CNC virtualization platform

Fanuc America, a leading automation solutions provider, is offering a free trial version of CNC Guide – Fanuc’s PC-based virtualization platform for control design, training and part programming.

To assist machine tool operators and builders through the rough economic times created in 2020, Fanuc is offering this simulation tool at no cost.

CNC Guide offers an immersive and safe way to learn how to operate CNCs, even for novice operators. Because the software creates digital twins of machine controls, programmers can test G-code programs with no risk of damaging actual machines.

CNC Guide can also help optimize machining operations since users can experiment in the virtual environment with performance-enhancing features in Fanuc controls.

In addition, the software used in tandem with our conversational programming tool, “Manual Guide i”, can act as a simplified CAD/CAM package.

This platform enables programming on a PC instead of the machine tool, so equipment stays in production to minimize downtime and maximize throughput.

Fanuc’s CNC Guide is not only beneficial for machine tool operators, but also builders. Machine tool builders can get a competitive edge by using CNC Guide to prove out their design concepts faster and get their equipment quicker to market.

This limited-time offer is good only through September 2020 and available to Fanuc America customers residing in the US.

Interested parties need to contact Fanuc through the CNC Guide Trial Offering page to get started.

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