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Hokuyo releases upgraded safety scanner

Hokuyo, a global manufacturer of sensor and automation technology, has announced a new firmware update on the safety laser scanner “UAM-05LP-T301”. (See video below.)

The firmware has been updated periodically since the product release in 2015 and this is the fifth update. The firmware is updated to meet every challenging customer’s requirement and to adapt to the fast changing market trends. The newest version is 2.4.0.

With its small profile and 5 metre protection range, UAM-05LP-T301 is “the world’s smallest, longest protection range safety laser scanner”, says Hokuyo.

The sensor size is 80mm x 80mm x 95mm (W x D x H) and the weight is 800g. Equipped with load of features, it allows users to save cost on additional accessories and modules.

UAM standard functions include:

  • Eternal device monitoring;
  • Interlocking;
  • Muting;
  • Reference monitor; and
  • Area sequence.

UAM’s advanced functions are highlighted below.

System wiring example for AGV application using master-slave function

Master slave function

This function reduces the needs for cabling and IO modules, when there are more than 2 scanners in a system. Up to 4 devices can be connected using only two RS485 wires in a master and slave configuration.

OSSD outputs, area switching inputs are shared among master and slave units. As a result, all IOs of the slave units do not need to be connected to a controller or a PLC.

Dual protection

This function exposes 2x pairs of OSSDs (OSSD 1/2 and OSSD3/4). Each pair of OSSDs is associated with an independent protection zone. In this mode, each area pattern has 2 protection zones.

When combined with encoder input, one protection zone can be used as a safe input for slowing down the AGV and the other as a safe stop trigger.

Encoder input function

This function allows UAM to monitor the speed of each encoder and switch area patterns depending on the pre-configured mapping. It also monitors the difference of speeds between the encoder’s readings as well as the minimum and maximum speed.

A maximum of 128 area patterns are configurable using this function.

Measurement data

The scanner provides raw distance measurement data via Ethernet. Maximum measurement range is 40 meters. As well as distance data, intensity values are available. Its excellent measurement data and intensity value contribute to a more precise navigation results.

SD card configuration

There are two different ways to configure the scanner, USB (on-line) and SD-card (off-line). SD card allows to configure the scanner off-line.

The configured setting in the SD card is automatically loaded after inserting the SD card into the scanner and it takes only about 15 seconds for the scanner to complete the loading.

The saved configuration is protected with a password and the serial number of the device. It is possible to save 100 different serial numbers in one SD card. In other words, users can configure 100 scanners with only one SD card.

Innovative products for industrial applications

Hokuyo is a Japanese leading manufacturer of photo sensors, having a history of more than 70 years. Since its foundation, Hokuyo has been developing innovative products for industrial applications.

Today, the company specializes in providing optical data transmission devices and laser scanners.

Hokuyo offers a wide range of products to factory automation, robotics, logistics and material handling markets.

Contact Hokuyo at for more product information.


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