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Eni to co-host Automa 2020 and to show ‘most powerful supercomputer in the world’

An Italian major oil and gas company and BGS Group have recently announced their partnership in the run-up to Automa 2020 – Automation and Digitalization Congress that will be held in Italy, Milan, on October 19-20.

Regina Chislova, project director of Automa 2020, says: “Eni middle and senior management have been attending the congresses organized by BGS Group for a few consecutive years, flying to different European countries.

“This year we bring Automa to Eni’s home and, therefore, decided that it will be a mutually beneficial partnership.”

The Official Host Sponsor invites Congress attendees to dive into the digital world and visit Eni Green Data Centre with its most powerful industrial supercomputer in the world.

The data centre is located in Ferrera Erbognone and houses all of the company’s supercomputing systems, data and central processing systems. More details are coming soon.

Luigi Lusuriello, chief development officer at Eni will speak at CDO panel discussion dedicated to transforming business models by digital technologies.

Another delegate from the company, Elisabetta Purlalli, senior vice president, head of digital competence center, change management and communication will speak at the session featuring Intelligent Asset Management in Downstream.

To check who else is attending and speaking, please fill in the request form.

Automa is a closed-door Congress designed for middle and senior management, and technical specialists to meet each other in one place regardless of whom they are representing: oil companies, EPCs, refineries, pipeline operators, drilling contractors or relevant governmental bodies.

Having all parties, potentially involved in a major automatization or digitalization project, in one place facilitates the discussion and help them to quickly find what they lack: a service provider or a solution. Find out more:

Advances in digital technologies are helping the oil and gas industry to reduce costs, make faster and better decisions, and to increase workforce productivity.

In the low oil price environment it has become vital to transform and stop relying only on traditional ways of doing business.

However, not all of the investments in digital technologies really prove to be efficient.

At Automa 2020 delegates will share their vision on how can a company evolve the whole chain of operations, achieve significant results, and not become a victim of buzzwords.

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