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Webinar: A closer look at the EC’s Digital Services Act

Title: The Digital Evolution – E-Commerce Directive to Digital Services Act and a look at the German Council Presidency
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When the EU passed the E-Commerce Directive (ECD) 20 years ago it built a solid ground for the years to come and it found long lasting balance between regulation and entrepreneurial freedoms.

It was not perfect in the beginning and there are still questions about details nowadays.

However, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has so far found ways for interpretations that made it possible for companies to flourish and for users to experience and enjoy a completely new world being created.

But are there maybe also good reasons to taking a closer look at the ECD?

For many, especially young people, news sources have changed – from classic newspapers and TV to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on.

Disinformation is spreading online, hate speech is used online and illegal content is shared online.

That is where social media companies are acting in a grey zone, moderating content by blocking or deleting it. That is where especially politicians want to see more, quicker and transparent action.


  • Armin Jungbluth, Head of Division – Legal framework for digital services, media industry, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy;
  • Jan Oetjen, CEO, 1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE;
  • Werner Stengg, Cabinet M. Vestager, European Commission;
  • Oliver Süme, Chair of the Board, eco – Association of the Internet Industry;
  • Tiemo Wölken, MEP, European Parliament (tbc).

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