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Mitsubishi Electric to acquire Sharp factory to expand power device business

Mitsubishi Electric has agreed to acquire buildings and land from Sharp Fukuyama Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation located in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

The acquired properties will serve as a new site where Mitsubishi Electric’s Power Device Works will process wafers for the manufacture of power semiconductors.

New production facilities scheduled to start up in November of next year will enable Mitsubishi Electric to expand its power device business.

Mitsubishi says the demand for power semiconductors needed to control electric power with efficiency is rapidly rising in parallel with efforts to conserve energy and protect the global environment through carbon-reduction measures, including the ongoing electrification of automobiles worldwide.

To meet this growing demand, Mitsubishi Electric conducted a search for potential new manufacturing sites.

As a result, the company has reached an agreement with Sharp Corporation to acquire buildings and land from Sharp Fukuyama Semiconductor.

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