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Hyundai launches technical training in collaborative robotics

Newly created company Hyundai Robotics has launched technical training programmes to teach people about collaborative robotics.

The compnay held its first “collaborative robot technical training” recently for dealers and employees, and used Hyundai’s own new collaborative robot, the YL012 (main picture and below).

The training was led by researchers who are developing collaborative robots and focuses on the unique features of Hyundai cobots compared to third party products.

The in-depth training started with the mechanical structure of collaborative robots and covered the structure and module of Hyundai’s Hi6 controller, how to use a teaching pendant, Hi6 controlling robot language, and more across both hardware and software.

After a session on safety measures and a direct teaching session on how to use the cobots, trainees visited the robot interaction booth.

By operating real robots, they experienced Hyundai Robotics collaborative robots that are globally recognized for safety and design.

Participants showed positive responses to the collaborative robots designed through the top robotics company’s expertise and data.

The applied solutions across the industry, including handling, led to an active question and answer session, which showed their excitement.

Over 60 people participated in the training session and a new collaborative robot (YL012) will be launched sometime this year.

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