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Comau launches mobile app for remote monitoring and diagnostics of its robots and machining centers

Comau has launched a mobile app for remote monitoring and diagnostics of its robots and machining centers.

The company’s “in.Grid/Link” is part of its Smart Digital Restart plan and internet of things platform developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

A light version of the application will be available for free for a period of six months, first in Italy and then in other countries.

The app is part of the in.Grid platform, which was developed by Comau to help companies transition to digital manufacturing.

It is a software package that simplifies the acquisition and exchange of data coming from industrial equipment and machinery to enable predictive maintenance and optimize productivity.

in.Grid/Link allows operators to remotely monitor the status of Comau robots and machining centers installed inside a plant by checking their operating parameters.

The data processed by the in.Grid data analytics platform is displayed in real time on any PC, tablet or smartphone by means of an interface that can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

The new application leverages Microsoft Azure platform and IoT solutions to offer a scalable and secure environment for remote assistance workloads.

In its complete version, the system collects, analyzes and stores machine and process data directly in the cloud, keeping the progress of work cycles performed by the robotic lines under control. In the event of a malfunction, the system automatically notifies the need for maintenance and assistance.

The solution is part of Comau’s commitment to helping companies easily manage their automated lines with continuity even in “remote working” mode.

Maurizio Cremonini, Comau head of marketing, says: “in.Grid/Link is a plug-and-play tool designed to keep robots and machining centers efficient by enabling remote access to the digital platform from mobile devices and desktop interfaces.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Microsoft Italy on this project.”

Barbara Cominelli, Microsoft Italy COO, marketing and operations lead, says: “By making this application available for free during the restart phase, Comau wants to support its customers.

“Now, they can continue to work effectively, even if operators cannot work physically in a plant due to health emergency rules.

“The current emergency has confirmed that digital resources are increasingly part of corporate life and are, undoubtedly, a key element of business strategies.

“We hope this initiative will help our customers move towards Industry 4.0 and digital production.

“As we’re seeing companies embracing new ways of working after the emergency, the new application offered by Comau to its customers represents a great opportunity to empower technicians to collaborate more efficiently by working together from different locations.

“Thanks to our cloud and edge computing technologies and to the connection opportunities with the shop floor, the application seamlessly allows new scenarios of remote assistance, fostering the adoption of innovative digital solutions to help companies continue to operate and grow.”

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