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Webinar: How Robots Are Succeeding and Failing in the World of Logistics

RoboBusiness Direct presents How Robots Are Succeeding and Failing in the World of Logistics

Featured Speaker: Aaron Prather, Senior Technical Advisor, FedEx

June 25, 2020 – 2:00 PM EST

Robotics systems are being introduced into the world of logistics at an increasing rate.

While some robotics systems and the companies employing them have achieved their goals, many other deployments have been unsuccessful.

Some of these failures are due to technological issues, but more commonly, humans are the primary source of deployment problems.

In this insightful RoboBusinessDirect presentation, FedEx’s Aaron Prather, who has successfully deployed robotics applications within FedEx (and has seen other initiatives go off the rails), will review the continuing opportunities for robotics solutions in the logistics sector.

Attendees will also learn:

  • Circumstances that lead to deployment failures like the result of technology issues, or misunderstandings between the Robotic World and the Logistics World
  • Insights into how everyone can win if common human missteps are addressed.

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