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UN sends five robots to Rwanda to detect coronavirus

A new type of robot has been sent to Rwanda by the United Nations in an effort to help detect coronavirus infections.

The hardware for the robot was built by Chinese company UBTech Robotics, and the software was developed by Belgian company ZoraBots.

ZoraBots says the new kind of robot help healthcare professionals, governments and international organizations to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The robots have been donated by the UN to Rwanda’s Ministry of Health to help fight the spread of coronavirus in the country and are “already fulfilling their missions” at the Kanyinya treatment center that treats Covid-19 patients in the capital city, Kigali.

Equipped with the ZoraBots solution, the Cruzr robots will be used for mass temperature screening, monitoring patient status, and keeping medical records of Covid-19 patients.

The robots’ infrared cameras enable them to screen up to 150 people every minute for symptoms of the virus such as high temperature.

Abnormal temperatures or people who may not respect the rule of wearing a face mask can be notified to health workers via specific alerts.

Equipped with the ZoraBots solution, the Cruzr robot is, amongst other capabilities, able to measure body temperatures and detect if people are or are not wearing a face mask.

The UN has already decided to deploy several robots in strategic locations, such as Rwanda where five ZoraBots Cruzr have already been donated by United Nations Development Program.

Other locations might follow, says ZoraBots.

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