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3 Reasons Why Smart Home Features Increase Your Home’s Value

Smart technology is transforming our homes in ways that even just a few years were really only imaginable in science fiction movies.

Smart home features make our homes more convenient, more livable, and can also add some serious value to your home. There are so many different smart devices available that provide different benefits for our homes and our families.

Smart lighting, media, heating, and security systems are all much sought after features in modern homes and are enabling incredible levels of interaction between home and owner. In this article, we will discuss 3 reasons why smart home features increase your home’s value.

1. Increased Security

Video doorbells are fantastic smart devices that can seriously increase your home’s value. First of all, video doorbells allow us to see who is at the door before we open it. There are many security reasons why this is necessary such as burglars or home invaders who will try and push past you after you answer the door.

Door to door salesmen or religious recruiters are less dangerous but can also be very annoying and so a video doorbell enables you to vet who you open the door to. When looking for the best video doorbell there is a range of features that you should consider.

A video doorbell that works with wireless technology is great because they are so easy to install whilst two-way video and audio communication ability allows you to talk to visitors without answering the door.

There are also video doorbells that can work like CCTV and so if there are thieves trying to steal your car from your driveway or someone is causing problems outside your house then you can record them. The increased security benefits of installing a video doorbell not only increase your home’s value but can also decrease the cost of your home insurance.

2. Fully Automated Home

The great thing about one integrated system that connects all of the smart features in your home is that it means you are in total control at all times. This is hugely appealing to potential buyers who will be able to imagine the ease and convenience that a smart home would bring to their lives.

After installing all the various smart home features in the various rooms of your house, you can connect them all using a simple smart assistant like Amazon’s Alexa.

Alexa is totally voice-controlled and you can command it to control your lights, home media, heating, air conditioners, and security systems.

You can also use your smart assistant to find out about the local traffic and weather, to tell you the news and even to recommend new music that it thinks you will like. Smart assistants have AI technology that is able to learn from their interaction with you in order to provide you with content that you will enjoy.

3. A Warm Welcome Home

The most popular smart home feature available on the market is a smart lighting system. Smart lighting can add significant value to your home because it provides so many great benefits.

First of all, smart lighting increases the security in your home because you can program your lights to come on periodically while you are not at home which will create the illusion that someone is in and so will deter burglars or vandals.

Secondly, coming home to the house already illuminated is a wonderful way to be welcomed home.

Thirdly, with smart lights, you are able to customize their settings to create the perfect mood. This may be low, romantic lighting for a night with your partner or warm light in the morning to wake you gently from sleep.

Finally, with the use of your smart assistant, you can simply tell the lights to turn on and off as you go from room to room, making your life (and the lives of potential buyers) so easy.

As well as smart lighting, smart environmental control is a hugely sought after home feature. Automated heating systems allow you to pre-set your heating so that you have the perfect home temperature and environment at all times.

You can set your heating to come on half an hour before your alarm goes off in the morning so that you aren’t tempted to stay snuggled up against the cold. You can then program it to turn off again when you leave for work and come on again just before you get home.

This will ensure that your home is always warm when you need it to be but that you don’t waste money and energy heating your home when you’re not there.

Smart features not only make your home more comfortable and convenient for you and your family but will also increase its value if and when you come to sell. If you are looking to add smart features to your home, look out for ones that will increase security, fully automate your home and create a warm, comfortable environment.

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