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Top 10 robotic video camera systems: Shenyang supplies robotic camera operator to Chinese TV station

Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation has built and supplied a robotic camera operator to a Chinese television station.

The robotic system, which appears to integrate a mobile robot with an industrial robotic arm, was used to film a stage performance in Shenyang Radio and TV Station studios.

Both the robotic arm and the mobile robot seem to have been supplied by Siasun, also known as Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation, one of the leading industrial robot makers in China.

The “intelligent mobile shooting robot” was jointly developed by Shenyang Radio and TV Station and Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation.

The robot is said to be able to carry out “precise shooting, human body tracking, trackless movement, macro shooting, high-speed rotation shooting” and other tasks.

The companies behind the system say this “realizes the automation, intelligence and precision of shooting”.

Robotic camera systems have grown in popularity since Robotics and Automation News first reported on the technology a couple of years ago.

Nowadays, a wide range of companies offer robotic camera systems, although not all of them integrate a mobile robot or any kind of platform – just supply the camera.

So we thought we’d do a quick roundup of companies and make a list of 10, in no particular order, in the hope that someone somewhere might find it useful or interesting.

The companies which supply robotic cameras are as follows:

  1. Ross Video;
  2. Sony;
  3. Move ‘n’ See;
  4. Panasonic;
  5. XD Motion;
  6. Vitec;
  7. Canon;
  8. Mark Roberts Motion Control;
  9. Shotoku;
  10. Inertia Unlimited; and
  11. Motorized Precision.

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