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Einride launches ‘intelligent freight mobility platform’ in anticipation of autonomous logistics

Einride is launching its freight mobility platform and says it’s designed for businesses that want to make their shipments sustainable.

The Swedish technology autonomous and electric truck developer has been beta testing with selected customers since the start of the year.

The platform provides live insights on emissions, energy usage, location data, and more, and generates recommendations on how exactly to electrify freight with the most impact for your business.

Robert Falck, CEO and Founder of Einride, says: “The benefits are clear: electric road freight solutions account for over 90 percent fewer CO2 emissions and other harmful airborne pollutants, while autonomous transport is safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

“However, autonomous electric transport will not reach its full potential without intelligent planning and optimized vehicle networks. Our platform sets the foundation upon which the freight solutions of the future are built.”

On top of traditional transport management systems, the Einride platform provides daily freight planning through a dedicated app for shippers.

The shipper portal tracks load, location, and emissions in real-time, provides environmental impact auditing, intelligent planning and routing, and more through machine learning.

The platform also includes an app for drivers with route updates, emissions and efficiency data, and relevant vehicle information such as charge level, range, and battery status.

Though the platform is designed to work with all freight vehicles, diesel, or electric, it is optimized to work with electric and autonomous vehicles embedded with Einride’s software.

Trucks equipped with this capability will be available through Einride from select manufacturers. The first vehicles of this kind will be on the road this year with customers like Lidl and Oatly in Sweden.

In addition, the platform continuously evaluates networks for electrification and automation potential through machine learning, and yields deeper insights on how to implement electric transport, such as making use of existing and planning new charging infrastructure, as well as optimizing charging, loading, and driving schedules for maximum efficiency.

Carriers can also use the platform to station and utilize new electric trucks where they will make the most impact to the bottom line, with tools that ease the complexity of electric transport planning so the benefits can be quantified for shipper customers. These tools include digital invoicing, waybills, and sustainability reports, all generated automatically through the platform.

Falck says: “Without intelligent planning, electric and autonomous vehicles will be a patchwork solution. The transport networks of the future cannot reach maximum cost and energy efficiency without recommendations on where electrification and automation will make the most impact, and how exactly to get there.

“That’s what our platform does for every shipment in your network.”

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