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Fanuc unveils new vision sensor for robotic warehousing applications

Fanuc America, the leading supplier of robotics, CNCs, RoboMachine’s and industrial IoT solutions recently demonstrated its new 3DV/1600 vision sensor.

Fanuc demonstrated the sensor at the show, an M-710iC/45M robot used the 3DV/1600 vision sensor to quickly find and snap boxes of varying sizes and shapes in a large bin.

The robot picked each package and dropped it into another bin. Once a bin was emptied, the sensor moved to the full bin and the cycle repeated.

The demonstration highlighted how the use of robotic vision is an ideal solution for applications in the warehousing, logistics and e-commerce markets, says Fanuc.

Fanuc 3DV/1600 vision sensor

The new 3DV/1600 vision sensor is lightweight and works as a fixed or robot-mounted 3D vision camera. The new sensor can quickly snap 3D images over a Z range of 2 meters, with a max field of view of 2700mm square, which is ideal for bin picking or line tracking large parts.

The 3DV/1600 is part of Fanuc’s iRVision suite of fully integrated and complete machine vision products for robot guidance and inspection.

Fanuc designs all of its vision hardware and software specifically for Fanuc robots, providing customers with solutions that meet their production needs, and saves them the time and expense required by third-party vision suppliers.

Intelligent M-710iC robots

The six-axis M-710iC/45M robot is a member of the family of M-710iC material handling robots with payload capabilities ranging from 12 kg to 70 kg.

The robot provides high-speed operation, a 2606 mm reach and 45 kg payload.

Its slim wrist, rigid arm and compact size allows it to work well in tight spaces, and a long reach and six-axis articulation makes it a good choice for palletizing, packing, bin picking, and other applications found in the warehousing, logistics and e-commerce.

M-710iC/45M features and benefits include the following:

  • Compact size allows operation in small workspaces.
  • Six axes, long reach, compact wrist and 45 kg payload make it easy to handle large loads.
  • Best in class payload, wrist inertia, and reach for maximum system throughput.
  • Flexible mounting (floor, invert, angle).
  • High rigidity and the most advanced servo technology enable smooth motion at high speeds.
  • IP67 rating (enclosed cover) allows operation in harsh factory environments with dust and oil mist.
  • Supports iRVision, RoboGuide/iRPickPro Simulation, iRPickTool, RoboGuide/PalletPro Simulation, PalletTool, Force Sensing, Line Tracking, and Indexing options.

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