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Exam Dumps: Sure Way to Pass Your Microsoft 98-364 Exam and Boost Your Tech Career

The field of IT is vast and constantly growing. As a result of that, there are more and more job opportunities opening up and even more people entering the field to supply that demand.

This makes it hard for employers to pick out the most suitable employees for their jobs. It is evident that the technology sector faces this issue to a greater extent than others.

Many think it’s easy to land a job in technology, and it is true to some extent. But if you are looking for a high-status job at a distinguished organization, you have to possess some qualities that appeal to your prospective employers. So what is the best way to get that done? Let’s find out below.

All about Getting Microsoft Certified

Certifications are considered to be the perfect way to prove one’s skills and qualifications. And having an attestation from a renowned badge provider like Microsoft is a sure way to get recognized and accepted anywhere.

Microsoft offers various types of credentials related to its products and the Microsoft MTA 98-364 Exam Dumps certification holds a prominent position amongst them. It proves your mastery of the fundamental as well as core technical concepts.

The key technologies it represents are Database, Developer, and IT infrastructure ones. There are numerous tests you can take to earn the MTA badge. Some of them are 98-349, 98-361, 98-364, 98-375, and 98-381 among many.

In this post, we will be divulging more about the Microsoft 98-364 exam that will lead you to the MTA Database Fundamentals credential. But before moving onto that, here’s why getting Microsoft certified is the best way to win over any hiring manager:

Solid Skills

Microsoft has had many years of experience in the field of IT and it knows what kind of skills are desired in all kinds of employees. This is precisely why this vendor has succeeded in creating courses and tests that can mold and deliver the most efficient workforce.

By following their certification courses, you will be able to gain solid skills that make you capable of improvising to suit any work environment.

Worldwide Acceptance

We have all heard of and used Examsnap Microsoft’s products. People all over the world know that anything Microsoft produces, including badges, are of high quality.

Hence, Microsoft certifications are recognized and accepted worldwide giving you the opportunity to apply for jobs overseas as well.

More Job Opportunities 

It has now become a custom that you are required to present credentials to apply for certain jobs. If you don’t have the required badges, you will not be eligible for those jobs. A Microsoft certification can help you avoid such barriers, thereby giving you access to more job opportunities.

Higher Salary

IT Career Finder claims that the average salary of an MTA credential holder is $55,000, which is more than most entry-level job salaries. Job opportunities available for Microsoft certified professionals and their average salaries will be discussed below.


Once you get hired, your next goal would be to get an upgrade to a better position. But, setting aside common belief, sucking up to your higher-ups, or working hard doesn’t really get you a promotion.

To get promoted, you have to acquire the skills necessary to function in the position you’ve got your mindset on. A Microsoft certification can do that for you.
Job security

After getting promoted, your subsequent goal would be to attain job security. Becoming a permanent employee in a dynamic field like IT is very tough because you have to keep yourself updated with the latest developments. A Microsoft badge can assist you with that.

Microsoft 98-364 Exam Overview and Best Ways to Prepare for It

The Microsoft 98-364 exam will consist of around 40-60 questions to be answered within 45 minutes as is for all MTA tests. The fee you have to pay to enroll in this assessment is $127. It will test you on mainly on the following topics:

  • Core database principles (20–25%);
  • Database subject development (20–25%);
  • Data management (25–30%);
  • Data storage (15–20%); and
  • Database administration (10–15%).

To help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft offers an instructor-led training course that covers the full syllabus as well as a practice test containing 122 questions that you can purchase for $75 to $85.

Doing questions is a good approach to check and reinforce your knowledge and the more questions you do, the more proficient you become. That is why try to find more questions to do from reliable sites like, for example.

This dependable provider offers free 98-364 exam dumps that contain the most valid and updated exam questions.

It also offers the 98-364 Premium ETE File that has 140 questions and answers that were validated by IT experts, which you can buy for just $49.99.

Pairing it along with the ETE Exam Simulator gives you the perfect weapon to slay your exams.

Jobs Available for MTA Certified Specialists

Gaining more job opportunities is one of the many perks after getting MTA certified. Here are some such employment prospects along with their average salaries according to the IT Career Finder website:

  • Mobile Application Developer ($107,000);
  • Database Administrator ($84,000);
  • Network Administrator ($69,000);
  • Network Architect ($112,000);
  • Help Desk Technician ($46,000); and
  • Website Developer ($80,000);

The salaries mentioned within brackets may be the average salaries for candidates that have boosted their careers with the associate-level and expert-level credentials from Microsoft, and you can definitely opt for them, when you have gained the solid knowledge with the MTA badge.

Best Idea Ever

Being Microsoft certified means that you can easily build a successful career in IT. If you are a newbie in this field and need to start from scratch, getting the MTA credential is the best idea ever. Thus, being MTA certified, you can achieve your career goals easily.

Of course, you have to pass one exam out of 12 which in our case is the Microsoft 98-364 and get a solid knowledge in Database Fundamentals, but it will all be as easy as pie if you make use of trustworthy exam dumps from to prepare for it.

Wish you luck!


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