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LG partners with Woowa Brothers to develop food delivery robots

Electronics and household appliances giant LG is partnering with unicorn startup Woowa Brothers to develop food delivery robots.

The partnership will aim to produce mobile robots that can deliver food to people’s homes as well to the tables of customers at restaurants.

While LG is well known around the world, Woowa Brothers is a startup which achieved unicorn status – became worth more than $1 billion – when German company Delivery Hero acquired it for around $4 billion in January this year.

Woowa Brothers is actually a software company which basically developed a hugely successful app for ordering takeaway food.

The partnership with LG, which makes all kinds of household goods such as washing machines and dishwashers, is probably the first time Woowa Brothers will be involved in building hardware.

LG has a strong interest in robotics and has been developing a variety of robots, such as service robots to provide assistance at airports, as well as robots for the home.

LG has also created an autonomous vehicles division.

Woowa Brothers, too has established a new business unit for its new robotics development.

As quoted on the Korean website, The Investor, Yoon Hyun-joon, vice president and head of the new business division at Woowa Brothers, says: “We are investing and expanding in indoor and outdoor robotics business to build a future where more people can enjoy good food wherever they want.

“We have researched and tested robotics technologies since 2017, and hope to create good synergy with LG Electronics’ advanced know-how,” Yoon said.

Roh Jin-seo, senior vice president and head of the robot business center at LG Electronics, says: “Through this collaboration we wish to build a better future where humans and robots coexist.

“We will continue to introduce differentiated robotics solutions to offer new experiences and value to our consumers.”

Main picture, courtesy of Woowa Brothers vis AJU Business Daily, shows the new LG Woowa Brothers test robot.

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