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Geek+ launches disinfection robots to help with coronavirus cleanup

Geek+ Robotics has launched a pair of disinfection robots in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The company says the new robots are designed to help keep facilities free of any viruses and germs that may endanger health.

After the unprecedented health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Geek+ says robots “can play a key role in ensuring safe and healthy work and living environments”.

The two robots the company have two disinfection methods. “Lavender” is armed with smart ultraviolet rays while “Jasmin” uses liquid agents to execute swift and automated sterilization.

Geek+ says the robots operate entirely unmanned with automatic obstacle avoidance and are designed to work 24/7 in all types of spaces, from warehouses to offices, schools, stores, transportation stations, and hospitals.

Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+ Robotics, says: “The pandemic has endangered global health, put a strain on large parts of society and pushed many businesses to a halt.

“As the world slowly re-opens, AMRs can play a key role in safeguarding workers and the public and guaranteeing business continuity.

“Our two disinfection robots are designed to operate as public health guardians and fully support workers and companies in this global crisis. Geek+ is committed to providing the best technology to guarantee safe and effective operations.”

Geek+ says Lavender’s UV light “effectively kills 99.99 percent of germs”, while Jasmin’s liquid spray also “reaches a kill rate of 99.99 percent of germs depending on concentration and type of liquid agent”.

Both robots can secure regular and systematic around the clock unmanned operations, thorough disinfection through comprehensive scanning, and safe operations using multi-sensor detection of objects. The robots use SLAM navigation to operate in complex environments and the system supports elevator integration.

In the face of the global crisis, Geek+ says its solutions have “proven highly resilient, supporting business continuity and enabling remote operations”.

In China, Geek+ delivered 3 million products during the lockdown period.

Zheng adds that companies can use the Geek+ disinfection robots to secure their workflow and “leave the redundant and unsafe task of disinfecting to our new health guardians, Lavender and Jasmin”.

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