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Visteon debuts new digital dashboard infotainment technology

Visteon, the only global Tier 1 automotive supplier solely focused on the digital cockpit market, has contributed its technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide the infotainment platform for Volkswagen’s new Nivus model for the Brazil market.

With its new coupe-style SUV, the automaker debuts VW Play – a pioneering infotainment system for enhanced in-car connectivity, streaming and other services – supported by Visteon.

Developed jointly by VW and Visteon in Brazil, VW Play was created with usability in mind. Delivering a premium user experience, the intuitive interface incorporates customizable control screens, offering a diverse range of connectivity elements, key vehicle information and application notifications.

Sachin Lawande, president and CEO, Visteon, says: “Visteon’s infotainment solution in the new VW Nivus represents the first instance of our integrated platform approach, delivering enhanced products to our global customer base.

“This allows Visteon to achieve scale while controlling cost, quality and innovation. With this framework in place, Visteon is extremely optimistic of extended business growth with VW and will help our brands move forward despite the current challenging period for the global auto industry.”

Offering a 10.1-inch in-plane switching display with 1540×720 screen resolution, the touch-panel optically-bonded product is fitted with a ‘split screen’ feature that facilitates user personalization and possesses rear view camera capabilities.

The solution provides high-resolution video that looks good from any angle – making Visteon’s in-vehicle infotainment system convenient and accessible to all vehicle occupants.

Initially launching in Brazil, VW Play will subsequently feature in a range of models across global markets.

Connected infotainment technology is among the secular trends in the digital cockpit market that will continue to evolve and provide original equipment manufacturers value as the industry emerges from near-term challenges caused by the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, according to Lawande.

“Traditional OEM systems are very expensive to develop and are limited in their ability to offer downloadable apps and new market-driven features,” says Lawande.

“This innovative infotainment system, on the other hand, offers a much broader app ecosystem and can be more easily upgraded for new capabilities such as voice assistance.”

Visteon’s connected infotainment innovation supporting the VW Play system represents a single element of the automotive technology supplier’s broad line-up of cockpit electronics, offering global OEMs like VW the latest cutting-edge in-car innovation.

“Visteon’s product line-up incorporates digital instrument clusters, information displays, domain controller platforms and advanced driver assistance systems.

Matheus Arantes, head of electrical engineering, Volkswagen Brazil, says: “VW Play starts a new era in connectivity, content streaming and services for Volkswagen.

“This is the result of teamwork and a reliable partnership between Volkswagen and Visteon, with a total focus on the end consumer – who can enjoy a new digital experience.”

The secular trends behind the growth of cockpit electronics prior to the pandemic should largely remain intact and continue to drive growth for the industry which, according to Lawande, is why Visteon’s strategy of vertical integration and in-house development of new technology to reduce cost is even more appropriate and relevant in the post-Covid-19 world.

VW’s Nivus SUV will be available in Brazil this June, branching out to other South American markets by the end of the year.

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