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Geek+ and Conveyco agree partnership to distribute warehouse robots in North America

Geek+ and Conveyco have agreed a partnership to distribute Geek+ warehouse robots in North America.

The distribution partnership brings Geek+ warehouse robotics solutions to retail, e-commerce, omnichannel and logistics customers all over North America.

Geek+ is a global provider of smart logistics solutions that utilize robotics and artificial intelligence technologies.

Conveyco Technologies is one of the leading order fulfillment and distribution center systems integrators in North America.

The agreement will help support organizations across North America in their efforts to further automate their facilities.

According to Interact Analysis, Geek+ is the No. 1 supplier of autonomous mobile robots in the world with 10 percent market share.

Rick DeFiesta, partnership and business development director at Geek+, says: “We are pleased to be partnering with Conveyco to accelerate access to AMR (autonomous mobile robot) solutions in North America.

“The demonstrated efficiency, scalability and cost-saving of Geek+ solutions will bring significant value and enable flexible logistics for customers across industries, at a time where logistics bottlenecks are increasing.”

Ed Romaine, VP marketing and business development at Conveyco, says: “The breadth of field proven AMR technologies that Geek+ provides allows Conveyco to truly focus on our clients use and business case to provide them a scalable and cost-effective solution.

“Being able to implement Conveyco’s RightFIT methodology using Geek+ technologies will provide efficiencies and competitive advantages to our clients that will change their market dynamics.”

The distribution agreement allows Conveyco to offer Geek+ robotics solutions to improve efficiency, provide flexibility, and reduce costs associated with warehouse and logistics operations in various industries.

With regard to fast-growing industries, such as e-commerce and online retail, traditional manual warehouse operations cannot meet customer and market demands efficiently and accurately and will benefit from the joint offering.

Geek+ Goods-to-Person Picking System, empowered by Geek+ proprietary smart algorithms, uses P-series warehouse robots to eliminate redundant walking of the picking workers, improve picking accuracy, and reduce labor intensity.

The AI-driven system features robot tasks management, combined order optimization and picking, inventory management, dynamic wave optimization, and adjustments of inventory layouts for maximum efficiency.

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