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SICK to present webinar on customizing machine vision

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Customized Machine Vision Solutions to Improve Your Processes
June 1, 2020, 11am Eastern Time (US and Canada)

SICK is partnering with Robotics and Automation News to present a webinar on customizing machine vision, which has become absolutely critical to a vast number of industrial automation processes.

In this webinar, Sourabh Banerjee, Product Marketing Manager for Software and Systems at SICK, Inc., guides you through how you can customize your machine vision solutions using SICK AppSpace.

SICK AppSpace is an engineering framework for your individual sensor applications that enables a manufacturer to easily integrate customizable 2D and 3D vision solutions tailored to your business.

These are either ready-to-use solutions that can be easily configured without a vision or programming expert or they can be modified to solve your particular application – by SICK or its partners.

It is the connection between programmable sensors and customer-specific applications, driven by a dynamic community of developers, enabling completely new and adaptive solutions for industrial automation.

Sourabh will provide a high-level overview of SICK AppSpace as well as a deep dive into the technology and its capabilities.

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