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UBTech robots being used to control coronavirus in Wuhan

UBTech is supplying its robotics and artificial intelligence technologies in the ongoing effort to control coronavirus in China. 

The AI robots have been installed in healthcare settings as well as commercial environment as people get back to work.

As shown in the main picture above, people starting to return to work are being greeted by people alongside robots.

The picture above shows that the Lanrun Group, one of China’s Top 100 private enterprises in service sector, has introduced the anti-epidemic robot trio, namely Aimbot, Cruzr and Atris, at its headquarters building to help prevent and control the coronavirus as the fear of second wave still lingers.

UBTech says it believes there are many more possible ways in which AI robots can be helpful in preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus both in and out of hospitals.

Wuhan Central Hospital chose Aimbot robot to help medics avoid infection

This self-moving Aimbot (pictured above) robot has been working alongside medical staff since March at Wuhan Central Hospital, where frontline healthcare workers were among the most hit by the Covid-19 virus.

One Aimbot robot can help save labor force of 4 workers and reduce workload of the nurse on duty by 80 percent.

Ms Ding, head nurse at the hospital, says: “The accuracy of temperature monitoring by Aimbot is much higher than handheld thermometer and its identification and warning of people running high fever is quite in time, which greatly cut the risk of missing potential infected people and protect the safety of medics.”

Cruzr robots to aid Belgian and Japanese hospital staff

A fleet of Cruzr robots are now on their way to assist medical institutions in Belgium and Japan dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

These intelligent humanoid robots are expected to help take visitors’ temperatures as well as offer videoconferencing and reception support services in a bid to prevent infection and reduce burden on medical staff.

UBTech local partner in Japan said it would first start trial run in Asao-Ku General Hospital and Kawasaki Municipal Hospital.

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