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IDS releases cameras with ‘extremely high-resolution sensors’

Imaging Development Systems has release camera systems with “extremely high-resolution sensors”.

IDS says its cameras perform well “when even finest details matter”.

The uEye SE cameras with 20 MP Sony sensor¤uEye SE camera variants now with 20 MP sensor available.

“The smallest details must be detected precisely in many applications requiring surface inspection or measurement,” says the company.

Light-sensitive and extremely high-resolution sensors such as the IMX183 from Sony are the best choice here.

The resolution of 5536 x 3692 pixels also enables the inspection or monitoring of larger areas, required in quality assurance or ITS applications, for example.

Since March, the sensor has been available in the uEye SE camera family from IDS with USB3 vision interface – in both housed and board-level versions.

The Sony Rolling Shutter Sensor features BSI – “back-side-illumination” – technology. The back-side-illumination makes optimum use of the captured light, enabling exceptional image quality with very low noise even in low light conditions.

IDS now offers the 20 MP sensor not only in the compact uEye CP cameras but also in the versatile uEye SE family.

The uEye SE cameras deliver 19.5 fps and are available in different versions – from compact, solid metal housings to practical board-level variants with or without a front flange which can easily and compactly be integrated into vision systems.

This makes them a popular choice for a wide range of applications. uEye SE cameras with IMX183 and GigE Vision interface are planned for summer 2020.

Since the new cameras have a USB3 vision interface, they can be programmed with IDS peak, for example. The SDK simplifies the use of GenICam and provides an intuitive programming experience.

IDS peak supports users with a complete software package to quickly and easily put vision cameras into operation and to directly start developing their own applications.

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