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Reinventing the Wheel: ThyssenKrupp intensifies sales and marketing activities for carbon wheels

Giant industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp is putting its not inconsiderable weight behind a new type of wheel, or rather, a new material being used for motorcycle wheels – carbon.

The lightweight expert ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components and the chassis specialist ThyssenKrupp Bilstein say they have intensified their joint promotion and sales of premium tuning components for motorcycles made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

As a first step, the target of the cooperation between the ThyssenKrupp business units is the North American Free Trade Area countries – USA, Canada and Mexico.

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein will lead the commercialization of all ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components aftermarket products in the USA, Canada and Mexico with immediate effect, offering the exclusive carbon wheels via their established sales channels.

The development and productions of all wheels remains in responsibility of ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components in Germany.

Dr Jens Werner, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components, says: “Entering the NAFTA motorcycle market is a major step for our company.

“Being able to utilize the extensive sales experience and the established network of ThyssenKrupp Bilstein is an enormous strategic advantage for us.”

The companies are highlighting their collaboration also to the public. With a shared engagement in superbike motorsports during the current season, they equip the British CTRacing team with the unique, braided carbon wheels by ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components as well as the new high-performance suspension system by ThyssenKrupp Bilstein.

ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components develops and produces carbon wheels for automobile and motorcycle manufacturers and also supplies end customers with motorcycle wheels. The company in Kesselsdorf near Dresden, Germany was founded in 2012.

All carbon wheels by ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components are manufactured using highly automated processes with a patented braiding technology on the world’s largest radial braiding machine. The company says it is possible to achieve the highest quality and lightweight requirements at the same time.

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