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Brain Corp launches $1.6 million ‘Robot Relief’ program to support essential businesses

Brain Corp has launched a $1.6 million “Robot Relief” program to support essential businesses.

The company says it will make its technology available to qualifying organisations that are helping in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Commercial cleaning robots provide verifiable, consistent cleaning at a time when customer and employee safety has never been more important.

Against this background, Brain Corp is donating $1.6 million worth of autonomous floor cleaning robots and services to essential businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the Covid-19 health crisis, autonomous mobile robots are playing a vital role in helping support essential businesses and their workers on the front lines.

Retailers, airports, and hospitals are required to clean more frequently and deliver more cleaning coverage.

BrainOS-powered autonomous floor scrubbers are providing more than 8,000+ hours of daily work – equal to a quarter-million hours over the next 30 days – that otherwise would have to be done by an essential worker.

Using these robots allows those workers to focus on other critical tasks, such as disinfecting high-contact surfaces, re-stocking, supporting customers, or even taking a much-needed break.

The Robot Relief program initially came from Brain Corp employees through an internal initiative called “Brain Matters”.

Employees were encouraged to think about ways to apply their ingenuity to help the local community with Covid-19.

Donating Brain-powered robots and associated services to help those on the front lines is one of the ideas proposed by multiple employees.

This program includes the rental, deployment, training, and support of the BrainOS-powered cleaning robots at no charge to your business.

The robots will be provided for a minimum of 90 days, depending on the changing conditions of the health crisis.

Companies and organisations interested in the program can complete the application form and a Robot Relief program team member will contact you to follow up.

Once your application is approved, deployment of a cleaning robot will take about two days for set-up and one to two hours of employee training.

Am I eligible?

This program is available to essential businesses, including grocery stores, medical facilities, manufacturers of essential goods, and organizations that provide professional cleaning services to essential businesses.

Users of the cleaning robot under this program can either be in-house cleaners or third-party cleaning service providers.

Is my facility a fit for the robot?

Essential businesses that typically spend two hours on floor scrubbing in their facility per day are a good fit for this program and will benefit from the robot.

Due to the current travel restrictions, participating businesses need to be located within 350 driving miles from San Diego to ensure that Brain Corp can provide the best and most effective training and support.

How do I apply?

You can complete the application form, which will help Brain Corp determine if the robot will work in your specific environment.

A Brain Corp Robot Relief team member will then call you to discuss the details and help you with any questions.

If your facility is a good match, Brain Corp will aim to have a robot in place at your facility within two weeks of your application.

Brain Corp says it is “committed to continuing to support essential businesses and workers who are risking their health to ensure our communities are safe and have access to the products and supplies they need”.

Brain Corp adds that it hopes that this donation will “make a difference” during this pandemic and help businesses to better support and empower their employees while providing a safe and clean environment.

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