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Nvidia provides online workshops about robotics and AI

Nvidia is providing on-demand workshops about robotics and artificial intelligence online through its GTC Digital network.

GTC Digital is Nvidia’s training, research and insights resource and enables direct access to the company’s experts at the GPU Technology Conference.

Through these online services, Nvidia says it hopes to give members the latest news about advances in robotics, embedded computing, internet of things, AI at the edge and more. 

GTC Digital 2020 last week highlighted many innovative technological breakthroughs in AI. Readers can now watch these recorded sessions on demand at their convenience from the comfort of their home.

One particularly interesting session was with BMW. In the workshop, the automotive giant’s engineers provide a deep dive into their autonomous “Smart Transport Robots” (main picture and below), a key step in redefining logistics in their production plants.

Their work has the potential to transform any industry requiring large-scale production.

Extensive technical details about BMW’s journey are provided on Nvidia’s website.

Other interesting partner-led sessions include:

Additionally, the recordings below provide the latest updates on the Nvidia Jetson platform:

Nvidia has had to postpone its Jetson Developer Days event indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The company instead decided to channel its resources into GTC Digital.

But while Covid-19 has disrupted almost everything everywhere, Nvidia says the impact of current events worldwide is actually driving “innovation in autonomous machines across many unique application areas”.

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