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HGZN and Hyundai Robotics to build smart factory to manufacture robots in China

HGZN has partnered with Hyundai Robotics to embark on a project to build smart factory to manufacture robots in Haining, China.

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the “HGZN’s Intelligent Robot Industrialization Project” was held recently at the Economic Development Zone in Haining.

With a strong industrial city as its goal, HGZN – an acronym for Jiangsu Hagong Intelligent Robot Company – is focusing on the smart robot industrialization project.

For this, HGZN founded the joint venture HGXD (Hagong Hyundai Robotics) with Hyundai Robotics in January 2019 and started working on building the “best smart factory in China”.

As a result, it started the construction of a smart factory that can produce10,000 robots on 12,000 sq m of space.

Based on the factory’s design of Hyundai Robotics’ headquarters in Daegu, the smart factory is being constructed with the innovative robots and automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots. The manufacturing is scheduled to begin in 2021.

HGZN is determined to start a new wave in smart manufacturing and automation businesses such as robot manufacturing technology and logistics automation facilities with the collaboration with Hyundai Robotics.

Hyundai Robotics will attempt to expand the robot body business and supply chain in China via HGXD.

With this as the stepping stone, it announced that it will create new business models and enter the overseas market to become the world’s leading comprehensive robot enterprise.

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