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Five robotic technology innovations move to final phase of Esmera competition

Five robotic technology experiments have moved into the final phase of a competition run by Esmera, the European Union-funded project set up to develop innovative technologies.

The five entrants are:

  • Nix;
  • Minotaur-R (energy sector);
  • Reflect;
  • Wire Cobots (manufacturing); and
  • Cobolleague (construction).

They have all been selected to move into the second phase of Esmera, which is an abbreviation of European SMEs Robotic Applications.

They started in the first Open Call of the robotics project and had to prove their concept to external evaluators in the first phase.

Proceeding now into phase two provides each of them with up to €125,000 of additional funding and a continuous support in industrializing and commercializing their products by the Esmera consortium.

The REFLECT experiment

When the first Open Call ended in 2018, 12 experiments were selected to proceed in phase I and were funded with up to €75,000 each.

In that phase they had to prove their concept, which was reviewed by external evaluators.

Out of these 12, the now final five experiments Nix, Minotaur-R, Reflect, Wire Cobots and Cobolleague were chosen as the most promising ones.

Within the agricultural sector, three more experiments are currently competing for one more spot within the Esmera second phase.

All experiments in that second phase continue their path focusing on industrial leadership and business support and they advance their way towards industrialising and commercializing their solutions.

The Esmera consortium mentors and supports them on their way.

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