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ifm electronic launches new RFID system ‘ideally suited to production line’

ifm electronic has launched a new RFID system which the company says has long user-adjustable operating range, robust construction and choice of fieldbus interfaces.

ifm adds that the HF RFID systems in the new DTE60x range “are ideally suited to production line applications”.

The new units provide RFID antenna, evaluation electronics and fieldbus interface in a single compact module, which makes them easy to install, even when space is limited.

Their IP67 ingress protection rating ensures reliable operation in challenging environments.

DTE60x RFID systems are available in versions to suit all of the most widely used fieldbus systems: the DTE601 has a ProfiNet interface, the DTE602 an Ethernet/IP interface and the DTE604 a TCP/IP interface.

All types incorporate an integrated web server which makes configuration easy as well as providing access to powerful diagnostic and monitoring functionality.

Additional connectivity is provided in the form of two digital inputs and outputs which could, for example, be used to control a light tower, and the units also have a built-in LED bar graph signal strength display.

Integration of DTE60x RFID systems into almost any modern automation system is straightforward as function blocks are available for all popular brands of programmable controller, including Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley and Omron.

Data from the units can also be accessed directly via the process image.

The technology employed by DTE60x RFID systems operates at the standard frequency of 13.56 MHz and complies with the requirements of ISO 15693, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of tags, and the units are optimised to allow rapid reading and writing of even large data volumes.

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