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The future of AI in cars and personal car leasing

In the world we live in there are many ways to access a car, from buying one outright to personal car leasing, renting and a variety of other ways.

Of course, while the ways to get hold of a car are almost endless, the options available to you are just as big, if not bigger.

And, while you may have your eye on a specific car, have you ever stopped to think about the type of car you’ll be driving, or not driving, in the very near future?

Well, with the world advancing at an ever-increasing rate, with Mercedes-Benz being a leader in AI adoption at the moment, there are many smart companies making movements to seize opportunities in the automotive industry, such as McKinsey Global, who are using robotics and AI technology, such as machine learning, in the development of vehicles.

To give you a better idea of what could be on the horizon, we’ve outlined some of the future AI that could change our cars forever.


Already present in a few vehicle models out there, before long, we could see this technology in every car on the road. So, what exactly is driver-assist?

This tech is when there’s a lot of sensors fixed to your car, which are able to alert the driver of any risks. For example, if someone in the car isn’t wearing their seatbelt or a window is left open, an alarm will go off.

Meanwhile, other additions are starting to emerge such as blind-spot monitoring, emergency braking and cross-traffic detectors.

Driverless cars

Something that’s been discussed for quite some time now, but hasn’t quite materialised, due to the number of algorithms needed when it comes to the car being able to navigate the road alone.

However, with constant investment and advancements, don’t be too surprised if you see these springing up on the roads in the next decade.

AI cloud services

The cloud is something that has become part of our everyday lives in the last couple of years, and it looks like it’s set to become an even bigger part of it as the years go by. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways the cloud is expected to impact on our cars as we move forward.

  • Predictive maintenance – with the help of sensors, this will allow the car to predict issues that may happen to your vehicle ahead of time, such as the battery or oil.
  • AI Automotive insurance – helping to prevent you from forgetting something pivotal, before long it’s thought that AI will be able to alert you to when your insurance needs completing, while also helping to speed up the process if an accident does occur.
  • Risk assessment – maybe not so much for you, but AI will be able to predict how safe a driver will be on the roads based on previous personal and driving knowledge.

Driver recognition

Great for if you share a car, face recognition could help to identify who is in the car, before adapting the vehicle to their specific needs.

Driver monitoring

Helping to check if the driver is active or not, this will be able to set off sensors should drowsiness be detected, which could help to prevent accidents.

So, with the world of tech, and the world, in general, moving at an alarming rate, before we know it, our cars could be as smart as our phones currently are.

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