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AI and Text to Speech: Discover Revolutionized Technologies

Notevibes is a text to speech online platform that lets its users convert text into speech that sounds completely natural. Once you use our platform you won’t have to find any other service for text to speech conversion. The satisfaction of our customers and giving them the best results is the main motto of our service. 

When it comes to features we are constantly evolving and trying to bring as many features as quickly possible to the platform. We are customizing the platform as per the user’s usage pattern and making it as user-friendly as possible.

I’m listing some of the features below:

  • Add background music
  • Advanced editor
  • The systematic speech markup language
  • 157 natural voices
  • Save the audio in different formats
  • History of the files
  • Voice over of YouTube videos
  • The completely realistic voice generator
  • 17 languages
  • IVR generator
  • Voicemail greeting
  • Read your texts aloud
  • Create voice samples for your tracks
  • Save your files for 14 days with us
  • Mp3 and WAV format available for download

These are just a few features that I have listed. You will find many more as you continue to use the platform. Many platforms don’t allow its users to redistribute their text to speech audio files but you are free to distribute your files as per your liking on our platform.

This is something that you won’t find many platforms allowing but we do because we believe the customer is the owner of their files.

You may be wondering about our prices now so let’s talk about our packages first.

We have mainly 3 packages. The first package is completely free and allows 5,000 characters conversion from text to speech in six languages and with 24 premium voices.

The second is our personal package. Which as the name suggests is for personal use only. In this package, you can convert 100,000 characters per month.

The price of this package is $9. You also get 157 premium voices and 18 languages. In this package, you also get an MP3 download option and you can also save audio files. Our last option is called a commercial pack. This package is only for commercial use and costs $90/month.

You get 1 million characters conversion from text to speech in this package. You also get an advanced editor with this package. An additional file format which is WAV is available to download with this pack.

So head over to Notevibes and start your journey of text to speech online conversion with our free package and you could always later upgrade to the personal or commercial package as per your needs.

With the free package, you don’t have anything to worry about. Plus it is completely free to use up to 5000 character conversions of text to speech. If you face any difficulties then we are always looking forward to helping you. You won’t have to use another platform after you use our platform.

As we have all the features that one might need for their text to speech conversion requirements.


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